Kennel Saint Minion



Happy New Year!!!


6.-7.11.2021 IDS at Tartu. Saint Minion Liseth.
6.11 CH EXC. Judge Laurent Pichard Switserland
7.11 CH EXC3/7, CQ. Judge Torbjörn Skaar SWE

9.-10.10.2021 NDS at Valmiera. Saint Minion Liseth :)
9.10 CH EXC/2, CQ, BF4. Judge T. Viirtela FIN
10.10 CH EXC/1, CQ, LV CAC, LV CH, BF2. Judge R. Petkeviciene LT.

11.09.2021 IDS ``Tallinn Winner 2021``, Saint Minion Liseth CH cl EXC. Judge Paola Micara Watten from Italy.
10.09.2021 IDS Luige. Saint Minion Liseth CH cl 1, Cl winner, CQ, BF1, CACIB, BOS. Judge Ozan Belkis from Turkey.

22.08.21 IDS ``Baltic Winner 21``
Saint Minion Liseth CH EXC/3/6, CQ
Judge Francesco Cochetti Italy

20.08.21 Specialty ``Baltic Buldog21``.
Saint Minion Marsala & Mia BOB Baby, BIS Baby I
Saint Minion Liseth & Lissu Open VG
Saint Minion Kata CH EXC/ 2/4 CQ
Saint Minion Breeder cl. EAH 2
Kohtunik Ilaria Biondi de Ciabatti Peruust

3.07.2021 IDS at Imavere. Saint Minion Liseth Open/EXC1, CQ, EST CAC, BF3, EST CH.
Judge Harry Vella from Malta.

23.01,2021 Speciality for VIII and IX group. Saint Minion Liseth Interm cl 1, CQ, BF 2.
Judge M. Lepasaar EST

22.01.2021 We expected puppies at February!


7.11.2020 International Dogshow at Tartu, Saint Minion Liseth Interm cl.EXC/1.
Judge I. Pablaka LV

24.-25.10.2020 ``Estonian Winner 2020`` Saint Minion Liseth Interm cl. EXC 2, CQ, BF2, Reserv Cacib.
Judge J. Aidietiene LT

15.08.2020 Tallinn Winner 2020. judge I. Voitekova SLO. Saint Minion Liseth JUN EXC/1, CQ,BOO J,
Tallinn Junior Winner 2020 !!!

14.08.2020 Specialty for bulldog and molossian.
Judge H. Tonkson EST.
Saint Minion Lucille JUN EXC/2, CQ, Best female 4
Saint Minion Liseth Interm EXC/2
Saint Minion breeding cl. 1/3 EAH, BOB breeder cl.!!!
Saint Minion Joanna progeny cl. 1, EAH. BOB Progeny cl.

Saint Minion Liseth now EST JCH !!!

1.-2.02.2020 NDS at Valga. Judges M. Clancy IRL and Z. Duan CHN.
First day JUN EXC/1, CQ, EST J CAC, BF1, BOS J,
Second day JUN EXC/2, CQ, BF2      

19.01.2020 Speciality for VIII and IX group, Judge L. Zizevske LT.
Saint Minion Liseth JUN EXC/1, CQ, JUN CAC, BOO J, BF1, BOO.

18.01.2020 peciality for VIII and IX group. Judge T. Sarmont BY.
Saint Minion Liseth JUN EXC/2, CQ, BF2
Saint Minion Kata Open EXC/1, CQ, EST CAC, BF3 and now EST CH.

11.01.2020 NDS at Tartu. Judge Valetinas Stiklius LT.
Saint Minion Liseth Very promising, BOB Puppy.


15.12.2019 Christmas show at Tallinn, Judge Rony Doedijns from Netherland.
Saint Minion Lesley Very promising, BOO puppy
Saint Minion Liseth Very Promising, BOB puppy.

30.11.19 NDS at Pärnu, Judge D. Korna EST
Saint Minion Liseth BOB Puppy, HP.

2.11.19 IDS at Tartu, Judge Jason Hoke from  USA. Saint Minion Liseth Puppy2, PP

23.10.2019 My sweetheart C.I.B, EST-,LV-,LT-,Balt JCH, LT JW10, EST-,LV-,LT-,Balt CH, RUS CH 
Saint Minion Edward got today 11 YEARS OLD!!!

20.10.19 NDS at Rakvere, judge Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster from Netherlands.
Saint Minion Liseth BOO Puppy, PP
Saint Minion Kata Interm. EXC1, CQ


7.09.2019 NDS at Luige:Saint Minion Liseth PP,
BOB Baby
Saint Minion Klaus Open/EXC1, CQ, EST CAC, BM2
Honorable Judge L. Pajulaid

16.08.2019 Speciality for bulldog.
Saint Minion Liseth Baby1, PP, BOO Baby
Saint Minion Klaus Open EXC/1, CQ, BM4
Saint Minion Kata Interm. EXC/1, CQ, BB3
 Honorable judge P. Roosenboom from Belgium

27.07.2019 NDS at Vanamõisa, Saint Minion Kata
Interm EXC/1, CQ, EST CAC, BB2
Judge honorable Julia Magdas ROM.

   21.07.2019 NDS at Elva, Saint Minion Kata Interm/EXC/1, CQ, BB4.  Judge honorable Ming Kok
Shua Songapore.

7.07.2019 IDS at Pärnu, Saint Minion Kata Interm
EXC/1, CQ, BB2 and got EST CAC and Reserv CACIB.
Big thanks to honorable judge Zorica Blomqvist from SE!!!

29.-30.06.2019 NDS at Imavere. Saint Minion Kristof Interm EXC/2 and Saint Minion Kata 2 x Interm EXC/4. Judge M. Halmi HUN and Stanley Shen Singapore.

31.05.2019 IX Groupshow at Vanamõisa. Saint Minion Kristof Interm, EXC/1, CQ, EST CAC, BM3.
 Judge A. Carter UK. Cogratulations Helina!!!

We have puppies!!!

10.02.2019 IDS ``Tallinn Winter Cup``, Saint Minion Katsy aka Bonni JUN EXC/4. Judge L. Kizina RU.
Well done Tuuli and Bonni!!!

9.02.2019 Speciality for VIII and IX group, Saint Minion Kata JUN EXC/2. Judge M. Bubalo from Croatia

3.02.2019 NDS at Valga, Saint Minion Kata JUN EXC/2, CQ, BF2. I. Ronander NOR.

2.02.2019 NDS at Valga, Saint Minion Kata JUN EXC/3. Judge Franklin Van Der Spuy LAV

20.01.2019 Speciality for VIII and IX group at Jõgeva, Saint Minion Kata JUN EXC/2. Judge M. Kremnev

19.01.2019 Speciality for VIII and IX group at Jõgeva, Pisisaare. Saint Minion Kata JUN EXC/2, CQ, BF2.
Judge Z. Bogdanova from RUS.

13.01.2019 NDS at Tartu, Saint Minion Kata JUN EXC/2
Judge Jerzy Olszewski from Poland.

Wonderful Holiday Seasons!!!

8.12.2018 EKL Christmas show: Saint Minion Klaus
first time in juniorcl. ``Very Promising 2.
Judge E. Yerusalimsky from RUS

24.-25.11.2018 NDS at Narva: First day Saint Minion Kata JUN EXC/1, CQ, JUN CAC, BOO J. Judge Rade Vesic from Serbia.
Second day Saint Minion Kata JUN EXC/3, CQ. Judge Inessa Rodin from Russia.

4.11.2018 Int Dogshow at Tartu: Saint Minion Kata JUN /EXC1. Judge V. Vitkova from SLO.

23.10.2018 My E litter became today 10 YEARS.
Strong health for Edward, Edison and Enrico!!!

21.10.2018 NDS at Rakvere, judge A. Zhuk from BY.

8.09.2018 NDS at Luige, judge M. Lewandowski from Poland .The results of our team:
Saint Minion Kristof JUN/ EXC4, CQ
Saint Minion Katsy JUN/EXC2, CQ, BF3
Well done Tuuli and Helina!!!

19.08.2019 ``Baltic Winner 2018``, judge Tatjana Urek from Slovenia. Saint Minion Jolie Open EXC/3.

17.08.2018 ``Specialty Baltic Bulldog 2018``, judges H. Tonkson Koit from Estonia and Bispo Pedro Ivo from Portugal. Our Team result:
Saint Minion Katsy HP, BOO Puppy.
Saint Minion Kata HP, Puppy 2

28.07.2018 NDS at Imavere. Judge Helen Tonkson - Koit. Saint Minion Kenneth, first time in ring, HP, Puppy 2 and Saint Minion Kata HP and BOO puppy.
Congratulations Hellika!

14.07.2018 NDS at Tallinn, Saint Minion Klaus HP,
BOB Puppy. Judge Sarah Burns from Irland.
Congratulations Irja!!!

1.07.2018 Super day in II and IX Speciality Ülenurme, Tartu. Saint Minion Katsy aka Bonny HP, Puppy 2, Saint Minion Kata HP, BOB Puppy and the final BIS Puppy II, Saint Minion Jolie aka Berta Open EXC/1, CQ, EST CAC, BF1, BOO and now EST CH. Judge Breeder Sava Ignjatovic from Serbia.

16.-17.06.2018 NDS in Luige.First day Saint Minion Katsy aka Bonny HP, BOB Puppy. Judge B. Shapiro from France.Congratulations Tuuli!
Second day Saint Minion Kata HP, BOB Puppy and BIS Puppy was selected as 6 best and Saint Minion Jolie aka Berta OPEN EXC/2, CQ, BF4. Judge S. Radziuk and BIS judge M. Nikolski from BY.
Congratulations Viive!

3.06.2018 ``Estonian Winner 2018``. Judge Bas Bosch from Belgium. Saint Minion Kata Puppy2, HP and Saint Minion Jolie aka Berta OPEN/EXC2.

1.06.2018 Specialy for IX group.Judge E. Kuplyauskas RUS. Saint Minion Katsy aka Bonny BOO, HP and Saint Minion Jolie aka Berta OPEN/EXC2, CQ.
Hot huggs to owners!

26.05.2018 National show in Võru, Roosu. Saint Minion Kata BOB Baby, PP and Saint Minion Jokker Open/EXC1, CQ, BM3, EST CAC and now EST CH. Judge Adam Ostrovski from Poland.
Congratulations Gerly!

19.05.2018 Spring Match Show in Tallinn. Saint Minion Katsy aka Bonny and Saint Minion Klaus 6 and 7 place in babyclass. Klaus also 1 place in KK-1 and 100 point. Congratulations to Tuuli, Irja and Harry and for little ones!!!

31.03.2018 Today on a Quiet Saturday left my dear Saint Minion Balthasar. Peaceful sleep my sweetheart!!!
26.01.2005 - 31.03.2018

Wonderful weekend!
11.02.2018 Tallinn Winter Cup, Saint Minion Jolie aka Berta OPEN/EXC/1, CQ, BF4
Judge Paola Watten Micara from  Italy.
Huga to Viive and Berta!

10.02.2018 Specialty for 8 and 9 group in Tallinn my beautiful Saint Minion Jolie aka Berta was OPEN/EXC1, CQ, BF2 and got her EST CAC. Judge Rafael First from Poland.
Congratulations Viive and Berta!

26.01.2018 My dear Balthasar became 13 YEARS OLD